Get Involved

We are always looking for new skaters and everybody over 18yrs is welcome to join.¬†Skating, skills and drills will be taught to you by our renowned training committee. You don’t need any experience to start. Our next intake is on October 18th 2016, check out the face book event for more info:

Training program

Our training program is broken up into three groups:

New Recruits
Train once a week on a program specially designed to get you ready to take the minimum skills assessment. This assessment is a safety precaution taken by Refs & Skaters to deem you safe to be on skates.

Intermediate/ Advanced
Train up to three times a week + Bouts, Scrimmages & Bootcamps.
More skill and endurance training specially designed to get you ready to Bout. A Bout is a roller derby game on a Flat Track.

Scrimmage Day
Open to advanced & intermediate skaters, Refs & NSO’s (Non Skating Officials) where we play in house scrimmages and invite other teams for scrimmages (unranked Bouts).

Refs & NSO’s

We also have a fantastic team of Refs & NSO’s (Non Skating Officials),¬†without them Roller Derby would not be possible. If you are interested in becoming a Ref or a NSO please do get in touch as we have an amazing group that can train you in.

For more information, questions or if you want to join the program just pop us an email to: